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Elite Wedlock doesn't believe in free registration. Because the chances are very high to meet someone who's not as serious as you are about the relationship or getting married.

Elite Wedlock believes in a very strong and everlasting relationship which is based on 100% truth and facts.

The registration fee in $299 which will be refundable if we are unable to find a match for you within six months of your registration.

We will refund 100% - admin fee(10%).

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Matrimony is not about meeting two people.

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Meet your soul mate to be together forever.

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Thousands of Elite professional profiles.


Five points of Authentication

  1. Voter ID Card or Passport verification.
  2. Phone number and Email id verification.
  3. Verifying information from Facebook profile.
  4. Verifying education and other details from Linked In profile.
  5. 2 Referees phone number and Qualification certificates.

To ensure the genuineness and authentication of profiles we have created this process.

How this process is useful?

This process helps us to check the different details of the new users at different levels. Uploading the identity document like Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, Passport or PAN card is mandatory for new profiles. Without giving this information you can’t move forward and register with us. Even to ensure this we also ask our users to login through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, so that we can authenticate their profile. Even to check further, we have different tools to verify the other details from Facebook and Linked In profiles. We have created this cumbersome process for registration to ensure the safety of our users and make this platform safe for all.

Nothing Say Better, Then A Video

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Registration: AUD299 - 90% refundable if match not found within 6 months.

Final Matchmaking fee at the time of marriage: AUD1000.00

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